The poetry of The Greater Marin

You may not know it, but The Greater Marin is on Twitter. It's fun, really, to get in touch with people who agree and disagree with me from all over the world. Follow me, if you don't already. A new tool turned all these tweets into semi-coherent poetry. The result made me smile, so I thought I might as well share.

S!@# Together

North San Jose neighborhood And design for your speed limit! That does not sounds good. Of Cut Wood. CUT WOOD, DAMMIT.)

Police, and idiot pedestrians. Buses, like the GOOG shuttles: Heh. Vegans. Urbanist world: cars uber alles.

Inane of nuances of Marin politics. With the new barrier, not less. Hearts drown performance metrics.

The county and bring up some gold. Napa, Capitol Corridor, and Marin. Not smaller. Just slower and cold.

We'll be back Monday, but if you can't wait, find me on Twitter.